If you want a healthy garden, then you need to add compost to your soil.  The compost adds rich nutrients that your plants need in order to thrive.

Many people think the task of making compost is very complicated.  There is a lot of science involved in the activity of breaking down vegetation and turning it into dirt.  Don’t fret too much about the complications of composting, though.  Just realize that mother nature takes material that falls on the forest floor and composts it without any human intervention.  Even if you just throw your grass and weeds in the bin and do nothing more, it will eventually turn to compost.

To get started very cheaply and easily, I recommend using these compost bin plans to make a bin that will contain your kompostownik z palet compost.

Of course, you can choose to purchase a compost tumbler instead of building a bin.  Tumblers are more attractive, easier to use, and make compost more efficiently than a bin.  They also come with a healthier price tag.  If you have a limited budget, just make a simple compost bin.

The easiest way to make a compost bin is to get four pallets and screw, nail, or wire them together to form the four walls of your bin.  Since pallets are readily available to most people and free or very cheap to acquire, you can make this type of compost bin with very little expense.

Because of the spaces between the boards in the pallets, you have created an ideal environment for your compost.  You see, your compost needs air to break down properly, and these slots allow the air to flow to your compost.

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