Generating income on line is not easy. Even if you read books about how to make money online, it is still quite difficult. One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to believe the hype gushing from people who wish to offer you the program or that plan when all they want is your cash. Here is the truth, along with some tips if you are absolutely serious.

Generating income on line is not Easy!

Yep, the same as the title, that’s because it’s true. It is also true that lots of people make money online using what is vaguely referred to as ‘internet marketing, ha but many times more fail to make even what they pay out.

It’s like video poker machines — put in a $100 and get an $80 drop and you say you won. Did you bejesus! Pay $12 for website hosting, another $49. 99 for an ebook on how to make money and $50 on AdWords advertising and make a sale of $9. 99 and you think — “Hey — this might just be what I am looking for! inch Forget that you are already down $102!

It can get even worse, because when you begin online marketing, you already have hundreds and thousands of people trying to do exactly the same as you — in your niche. If you want to know what competition you have, purchase a keyword that most describes your PGSLOT business and enter it into the Google search box.

Check the competition: It can be Humbling

Check out the number of other results just under the search bar. My keyword ‘article services’ provided 3. teen thousand other results, which is an indication of my competition for the concept of my website. When i seek the competition for the exact term by putting the key phrase in quotes, thus: “article services”, I get 234, 000 other web pages using that exact keyword.

This will let you know what you are competing against. It’s frustrating, and almost enough to put you off even trying — almost! If you are still set on wanting to learn how to make money online, then you at least have a chance- but it won’t be easy and it won’t be quick.

Sure, you read about this business that have made millions soon there after using their new system! They even provide proof! Photoshop and its imitations can provide as much proof as they need to persuade you that their program or ‘system’ is the best thing since sliced up bread!

My Learning Experience

Yes, many people are able to make money in affiliate marketing — selling other people’s products for a commission. They are fundamentally salespersons who get paid for each sale. When i started out in internet marketing 8 years ago, I paid $12, 500 to Cory Rudl’s mentoring program. I was mentored by a guy in The us. He taught me what is now common knowledge: steps to start up a website and advertise it — that’s about it.

He was getting paid for teaching me what everybody already knew! Only I was too naïve to understand that we had very little chance of making money by doing what everybody else was doing. I failed, and do you know why? Here’s why:

I decided to try affiliate marketing. It’s easy: sell someone else’s product and get paid for it. All these products have a sought after I am told, so i cannot fail. I failed! Then I ran across this ‘unbeatable offer’ for software that would source the most profitable affiliate products. Only $99. 97! Made it happen source my profitable products — no! Then this rich snazzy jerk sold me a book showing how he made it happen — total con — it was what I was already doing, so total failure again!

Making money is not Easy…

But it can be done! If you have an art (mine is writing) and there is a demand for that skill online, then you can make money. Sure, you hear about the successful affiliates, or people teaching others how to make money online. What you don’t hear about are the millions upon millions of others that not only don’t make anything, but they lose cash they can afford to lose.

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