There are many sections you should know about when you are just starting out with forex trading. These fx broker sections are the pillars of Currency trading and should be considered carefully before you start developing your own forex software system of forex trading system.  Everybody is well aware of the fact that forex trading and currency trading span the globe. It will be difficult for you to work within the forex trading system if you do not know how it works. In order to get a better grasp of how currency trading and forex trading systems really work, you should acquaint yourself with the three distinctive segments of the forex trading market:


  • The Geographical Segment
  • The Functional Segment
  • The Participating Segment

The Geographical Segment 
The geographical segment corresponds to the active field of the entire currency trading market. Foreign currency is traded all over the world, in every single country. You can trade currency in America through Europe to Japan and back in a matter of minutes. There is no market that is out of bounds. Currency trading is very attractive investment option. Forex trading is every where and it is a market that is not bound by office hours as it continues on a 24 hour basis. No matter what time of the day you make a forex trade, you can be sure that there is somebody at the other end of the world eager and willing to trade with you.  The important global stock exchanges are located in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, Bahrain and Sydney. With its broad geographic scope it is not always easy to imagine the amount of money that is involved in currency trading. No other market can match the pure volume of the forex trading market.


The Functional Segment 
The functional segment of the forex trading market is simply the currency market transfer of purchase power between countries. Each time a trade is made between countries, currency is converted to the national currency of each country. If the country has a currency with a high level of purchasing power this could lead to a weaker currency for other countries. The Currency trading market also plays the role of extending credit in international trade in order to avoid currency trading mistakes or unnecessary losses. The forex trading market also facilitates the movement of goods within countries and finances offers by way of credit flexibility.

The Participating Segment 
This segment can be divided in two:


  • Interbank (referred to as the wholesale market)
  • The Customer (referred to as the retail market)


The first type of participant, the bank, often buys at fixed bid prices and sells at the preferred asking price. As whole this is beneficial to the efficiency of the market.  The second type is the individual and the investment firms that are usually composed of importers, exporters and other portfolio investors. They tend to use a hedge fund or other forex trading strategies, forex trading systems of even forex software for their investments to reduce their risk.  Their forex trading system or software uses information from the market to make an informed investment decision.  The third group consists of speculators. Usually these groups handle the money people give them to invest in order to make money for themselves. They are constantly on the lookout for profitable rate fluctuations at a very low level of risk.  It is very important that you consider these segments when you decide about your own forex trading strategies, the currency trading system you intend to use and the forex software you may wish to purchase prior to starting your own currency trading activities.


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