It can be difficult for many players to make the gold they need to get the most of their World of Warcraft character. You certain won’t discover the gold secrets of World of Warcraft by reading the manual that comes with the game. If you want to learn how to make fast gold in WoW, you will need a much better making gold guide than that.

If you have played the game for any time at all, you will know that other people are able to make fast gold. They have all the cash that they need to buy their epic mounts, better gear, faction items, powerlevel professions and more. And you probably know that many people are farming gold successfully enough to make a living at it. And you really cannot be successful unless you know at least a few of their gold secrets of World of Warcraft.

So to get you started on the road to creating your own Warcraft wealth, I’m going to share three secrets from a top gold making guide. Armed with these gold making tips, you will start to make fast gold in WoW immediately.

My first of my top gold making secrets is the Mining profession. There are many professions that you can learn in the World of Warcraft, but gold farming experts know that mining is the best way to make fast gold. There are two ways to level mining. If you are low level, just learn as you go. Make sure that you can mine the next tier of nodes before you move into a different area. By the time you are level 80, you will be a grandmaster without even thinking about it. You can sell ore and bars for great cash at all levels. Even copper and tin will sell extremely well at the Auction house.

My second gold making tip is to buy limited supply items from vendors, then resell them at the Auction House. This is a very easy way to make fast gold and one of the best gold making secrets of World of Warcraft. For example, you can buy the Recipe: Superior Mana Potion in Darkshore and Dustwallow. Each vendor has only ONE of this item per day so that is one of these recipes per faction per day. People really do not want to travel to these vendors only to find it is sold out. You can create an alt to camp at the Buy wow gold  vendor and purchase the recipe whenever it respawns, then create an Auction House alt to sell them. There are many of this type of recipe in the game.

My final tip is to make sure that you use the Auctioneer addon to make money at the auction house. This addon makes it easy for you to buy low and sell high because it will search for items that are below market price for you. You can make fast gold without gold farming at all by buying these items then reselling them.


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