children today have more sugar and preservatives than healthy vitamins and minerals. They may taste great, but they also tempt children to eat too many which can potentially lead to death. Add in the risk of choking and you see why so many parents are looking for healthier alternatives.

There are some natural vitamins promoted for children, which do not include a lot of preservatives, sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. Unfortunately, they usually come in powder form. This form gives a grainy consistency to whatever the vitamins are mixed with and most children cannot drink down the less than tasty concoctions. Yet again, parents are left looking for alternatives.

Eventually, the smartest parents will settle on liquid vitamins. While they are admittedly not as tasty as a sugary little vitamin pill, but they are much healthier for children than those little vitamin pills. They allow the body to directly absorb the vitamins and minerals, rather than the delay that is caused by chewed up pills. They can also be mixed into a child’s favorite juice without changing the taste of the juice enough to alert the child that something different is in the glass.

Besides getting high quality vitamins and minerals in children without a fight, liquid vitamins can be used for anyone who has trouble with pills and powders. If the gag reflex is a problem, mixing a liquid vitamin into a drink will fix the problem. Liquids do not create the grainy texture that is produced by powder vitamins, so they are much easier to consume.

Why are Vitamins Important?

You may be wondering why parents are going to such extremes to seek out alternatives to the typical sugary children’s vitamin. After all, children should get adequate nutrition through their food, right? If you feed your children very healthy meals and snacks, it may be tempting to just throw in the towel and give up on vitamins altogether.

The problem is, most children do not receive all of the vitamins and minerals they need on a daily basis. Even the healthiest, freshest foods often fall short because the nutritional needs of a child are so enormous. They need a lot of vitamins and minerals because their bodies are growing and they are so active during the day.

Add to this that our foods are not as nutritious today as they were in the past. The soil that produce is grown in today has lost a lot of the natural nutrients that was once in our soil. Unless you use all organic produce, there will likely be pesticides and other chemicals that take away from the vitamins and minerals in the food as well.

If children do not receive the vitamins and minerals they need on a daily basis, they will have less energy than they should have. They will struggle to concentrate in school and may be driven to eat more food than they really need in terms of calories. Liquid vitamins help them in both of these areas.

Do not make the mistake of assuming your child doesn’t need vitamins. If electrolyte powder are struggling to get them to consume the healthiest vitamins you have found to date, consider liquid vitamins.

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