There are many reasons one could chose to use powder vitamins or supplements. Some people can’t swallow tablets, and some people just don’t like to swallow them, but the reason discussed here will be about those who are effected by their choice to reduce the size of their stomach.

Probably one of the fastest growing segments of people who would benefit from powder nutrition are those who have had some kind of weight loss surgery. Their stomachs cannot handle tablets. They are initially only able to have liquids and from there move on to semi solid foods before graduating to solid food again. But even once they’re on solid food, not much is going to fit into a stomach about the size of a small egg.

Nutritional deficiencies are common to all bypass patients. This is due to the fact that the bypass creates a malabsorption of calories and nutrient by drastically reducing the digestive area, bypassing the small bowel in which most vitamins are digested and absorbed. electrolyte powder are critical after gastric surgery in order for the body to receive vitamins that are no longer entering the body through food intake.

Recently the medical journal, The Lancet, discussed a case where a young woman had undergone bypass surgery and suffered a vitamin deficiency after failing to take her multivitamins. The article highlighted the importance of vitamin supplementation and monitoring thiamine levels.

As more and more people venture down the road of gastric reduction surgery, more and more people will find a need for powder vitamins.

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